Monday, July 16, 2012

Help me reach my goal and you WILL win!

    So I was thinking the other day and every time I do a contest there are 1-2 winners but everyone puts in so much effort in hopes of winning... I know that's just how contests work but I really wanted everyone to feel appreciated and and to be thanked for the effort you make when trying to win because your efforts help me out a lot!! So here is what I came up with, I have a goal to reach 2000 "likes" (which is around 550 new likes) on my facebook page and I know this seems like a lot so I need your help!! This is all you need to do, "Like" my page, and pass the word along. If I can get a total of 2000 "likes" before August 15th I will give EVERYONE who is a fan of my page (including the new "likes")  
50% off their next session!! (not including newborn sessions or weddings). I figure this way I can thank you ALL for helping me out and supporting me with my photography business! Its a win win situation right? :) 
Keep in mind these sessions would be perfect for those fall family photos that everyone loves or for your Christmas card photos!

      I am really excited to see how this turns out! I know 550 new likes is a lot BUT not impossible! I have high hopes and I know with your help I can reach my goal! And who knows I may be blown out of the water and go above 2000!!! If this happens the deals will only get better :)

          If you are in and willing to help me out start "liking" and sharing my page!!

Thanks for your support,

Candice xo 

*Once my goal is reached you will have until Sept 1st to book your session. Sessions must be booked between Sept 1st and Dec 14th