Thursday, November 18, 2010

My beautiful daughter

 Photos taking in my studio, with my newest project..... the lacey suit lol It is a littla weird yet somehow the cutest thing ever. It definately helps that my daughter is the most beautiful girl alive!

Kelowna child photography

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family photography

 Well I have had a lot of good luck with the weather during fall family photo season, but last Saturday was not one of them lol. It said it was going to rain and this time it actually did! It was disappointing at first because we had a great location picked out but once I saw how these turned out in the studio I was more than happy! I took photos of this little girl back when she was 4 months and she is still as cute as a button, just a bit of a bigger button ;) 
Beautiful family!

Family photography

 Three families, all related, one photo shoot! This family photo session took place at mission creek park in kelowna BC. The weather that day called for all rain, all day! And what did we get......? Beautiful warm sunshine! The weather was perfect and everyone came with lots of energy ready for a good photoshoot. Even the two little sickies managed to put a smile on and have some fun!